WE BELIEVE THAT THE PROGRESS AND SUCCESS of our lives depends on the balance between our decisions (on their thoughtfulness and accuracy) and the PERSONAL TIME we get to reap the benefits of these decisions.

That is why WE PROVIDE A WELL-THOUGT-OUT and responsible business analytics in the macroeconomics, industrys and real estate operations – and applying this analytics to personal consulting and related services.

In this regard, we are very focused and welcome on the development of our team through continuous mind hunting, training and self-analysis.

This approach allows us to ACHIVE OUR AMBITIOUS GOALS

ANALYSIS of commercial real estate in Europe

CONFIDENTIALITY and data security issues are one of the most important requirements for us. We take into account all the necessary conditions when selecting a property and perform the following types of analysis:

  • Analysis of the investment attractiveness of real estate objects
  • Assessment of the location and prospects of real estate investments
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of real estate investments
  • Management of transactions
  • Arrangement of real estate management

The selection of real estate properties in Europe is carried out taking into account the assessment of the effectiveness of the investment and your preferences, as well as additional management services are possible.


Business Consulting:

  • strategizing the long-term development of the HOTEL;
  • determining of the HOTEL’s position in the Hospitality market;
  • giving recommendations on the technological transformation;
  • giving recommendations on upgrading, recovery and modernization strategies.

Digital Transformation:

  • giving recommendations on the development of the HOTEL’s digital ecosystem;
  • implementing the advanced approaches and technologies of digital transformation;

Managerial Consulting:

  • technical issues of cost management;
  • consulting on the assessment of workforce and material resources efficiency;

SECURITIES market analytics

WE PROVIDE THOUGHTFUL and responsible business
analytics in macroeconomics, industries, and real estate
transactions – and apply this analytics to personal
consulting and related services.

We are ready to offer you:

  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Analysis of economic sectors and industries
  • Analysis of public companies for the purpose of investing in their securities (stocks, bonds)

We determine the optimal investment portfolio for you that meets your requirements, conditions and prospects.

BUILDING A PERSONAL finance system for family offices

The specialists of The Direct Holding are always ready to
help you ensure the continuity of your business

  • Setting up a planning and budgeting system
  • Implementation of the financial control system
  • Preparation of management reports for the owner

LONG-TERM PLANNING OF YOUR FAMILY WEALTH is our main task. We will help you create a family roadmap for the future

STRUCTURING of business

WE BELIEVE THAT PROGRESS AND SUCCESS in our lives depend on the balance between our decisions (their thoughtfulness and accuracy) and the PERSONAL TIME we get to reap the benefits of these decisions.

Thanks to our capabilities, we can offer you the following services:

  • Legal support of preparation of the transaction documents
  • High-level review
  • Аnalysis of the tax implications