SECURITIES market analytics

  • Macroeconomic analysis
  • Analysis of economic sectors and industries
  • Analysis of public companies for the purpose of investing in their securities (stocks, bonds)
  • Defining a personal investment profile

BUILDING A PERSONAL finance system for family offices

  • Setting up a planning and budgeting system
  • Implementation of the financial control system
  • Preparation of management reports for the owner
  • Long-term family wealth planning

ANALYSIS of commercial real estate in Europe

  • Selection of real estate objects
  • Analysis of the investment attractiveness of real estate objects
  • Assessment of the location and prospects of real estate investments
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of real estate investments
  • Management of transactions
  • Arrangement of real estate management

STRUCTURING of business

  • High-level building of the business structure
  • Legal support of preparation of the transaction documents
  • High-level review and analysis of the tax implications of the business structure